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*Electrical Discharge Machining

EDM Division Services


Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is a metal working process, which utilizes electrical erosion to perform complex cutting operations on hardened and sintered materials.

Heading up the EDM division is Charlie Gaffney. With over 30 years of Wire EDM, Die Sinking EDM, Programming, Machining, and Manufacturing Engineering expertise, Charlie oversees our EDM programmers and technicians, channeling decades of technical knowledge to serve your needs.

We offer Wire EDM, Die Sinking EDM, and Programming and Manufacturing of complex tool and die systems for various industries.

RI Carbide can take your existing CAD files, drawings, blueprints, and/or sketches to use in the programming of our CNC EDM’s, to ensure that you get the exact results which you require from your design.

RI Carbide uses both the traveling wire and sinker types of EDM. Listed below are some of the machines we use in our EDM services.

Wire EDM Sinker EDM


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